Foxsch Missions WIP

The ARMA II Game Engine allows for players to create their own missions, within the games interface. The Mission Editor is designed to accommodate players with the ability to create Missions of their own design, within environments built into the original game, or those designed and made available for the ARMA II gaming community by modders.

There are several modifications available that will set the game
within a World War Two environment including:

The ~Invasion 1944~ Modification.

The ~31st Normandy Mod~ Modification.

The ~Iron Front for ARMA~ Conversion.

Here are a selection of some of the WIP [Work in Progress]
Missions created by Foxsch and Missions created by
Foxsch in collaboration with

~Operation Tannenberg~

Gleiwitz – Poland
30th August 1939

~Fallschirmjäger Crete~

20th May 1941

~Desert Pilot Down~

Tobruk – North Africa
26th July 1941

~Stalag Luft IX-A~

12th March 1942

~Enemy at the Gates =II=~

25th August 1942

~Enemy at the Gates =I=~

13th October 1942

~Enemy at the Gates =III=~

15th January 1943

~Ice Station Etah~

4th May 1943

~Battle for Grozny~

23rd August 1943

~Bridge at Remagen~

Ludendorff – Germany
3rd March 1944

~Operation Zeus~

Zakynthos – Greece
3rd April 1944

~Brecourt Manor Assault~

Le Grand Chemin – France
6th June 1944

~Destroy Marine Kustemann Battery~

Omaha Beach – France
7th June 1944

~Losheim 1944 – Revisited~

Ardennes Forest – Belgium
16th December 1944