Operation Tannenberg

Operation Tannenberg is loosely based on the real events that took place on the German-Polish border on the night of 31st August/1st September 1939. Often referred to as ‘The Gleiwitz Incident’ (code-named ‘Konserve’ trans. ‘Canned Goods’) by the Germans, Operation Tannenberg was a ruse masterminded by high-ranking Gestapo Officers to convince the Polish and German populace, and subsequently the rest of the world, that Poland had launched attacks which merited a military response.

In essence, Germany arranged attacks on a Radio Station designed to appear as though they were carried out by Poles, and use the attack as justification for a full-scale attack on an Invasion scale, of Polish territory.

The Mission is not designed as a portrayal of the events that took place that night. I have chosen to introduce speculative elements, that result in British Military Intelligence becoming aware of the planning of the incident, and preparing a response.


Island: ~ Chernarus

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