Operation Zeus WIP

Operation Zeus is set at the beginning of 1944 on a small remote island somewhere in the Mediterranean. The inspiration was drawn from SOE and Resistance activity along the Greek coast. The mission itself is fictitious, no such operation took place during WWII.

Allied Military Intelligence Reports that some form of new secret weaponry is being developed on the island. You take the role of one of a team of British Elite Commandos sent to discover what that weaponry is; if possible destroy it, and also find out the fate of a previous raiding party to the island. You will meet up with Greek Resistance fighters who will guide you across the island.
It is a complex and involved mission, taking some time to complete.

Island: ~ Utes

@I44 [D-Day #5]
@CBA_CO Community Base Addons by the CBA Team
[Check your Requirements for @CBA]
@ASR_AI ASR AI Rearming by Robalo_AS [recommended]

Release Thread: Armaholic
Download: Operation Zeus WIP [dropbox – .pbo]

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