Battle for Grozny

A Mission put together using the HETMAN Artificial Commander by Rydygier and based on the Dead City Island by Argument.

The Mission is a fictitious scenario set in Grozny, which would have taken place had Stalingrad fallen – during the proposed push south by the German Army.

It is a simple Assault or Defence Mission, and it is not necessary to fill any or all of the slots. If you have never played a Mission with the HETMAN Artificial Commander as Field Commander I thoroughly recommend you try it out. Basically HAC will assess the battlefield and distribute orders according to the situation. The Mission will be fluid and different each time you play it.

Unfortunately there is no Briefing to be read during the Mission but I hope that doesn’t detract from the fun.
To play to a conclusion (in this scenario), the capture or death of either Commander (one AI for each side), or a successful defence or attack of key areas in the Mission will take the result.

The Mission may take some considerable time to unfold, and often the Commander will issue orders cautiously, depending on the situation…

Island: ~ Dead City


@IF Iron Front for ARMA + [D-Day DLC]

@CBA_CO Community Base Addons by the CBA Team
[Check your Requirements for @CBA]

@IFR_New_Units_Weapons @IFR New Units & Weapons
by the Iron Front Revival Team

@Dead City @Dead City by Argument

@Katyusha @Katyusha by Laguerre

@HETMAN @HETMAN by Rydygier



Release Thread: Iron Front Fan Forum

Download: Battle for Grozny [dropbox – .zip]

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