Brecourt Manor Assault

Brecourt Manor Assault is based on the true-life events that took place hours after the Combined Allied Forces made their way ashore into occupied Europe on 6th June 1944. A small detachment of 101st Airborne Division US troops are detailed to investigate and destroy a Battery of Artillery near La Grand Chemin, Normandy.

Island: ~ Omaha Beach 1944

@IF Iron Front for ARMA + [D-Day DLC]
@CBA_CO Community Base Addons by the CBA Team
[Check your Requirements for @CBA]
@MAP EU MAP_EU by Lester
@IFR_New_Units_Weapons @IFR New Units & Weapons
by the Iron Front Revival Team
@IFWARMOD @IFWARMOD by Gunter Severloh [recommended]

This Mission was created in collaboration with



Release Thread: Iron Front Fan Forum

Download: Brecourt Manor Assault [dropbox – .zip]

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