La Pointe Du Hoc

The Mission is (loosely) based on the early D-Day assault on the Gun Emplacements at La Pointe Du Hoc by units of US rangers Battalions. Six Playable slots are available, but the Mission can also be played alone.


Island: ~ Utes


@IF Iron Front for ARMA + [D-Day DLC]

@CBA_CO Community Base Addons by the CBA Team
[Check your Requirements for @CBA]

@MAP EU MAP_EU by Lester

@IFR_New_Units_Weapons @IFR New Units & Weapons
by the Iron Front Revival Team

@odenLIB Finland 1944 [odenLIB] by theOden

@GEIST GEIST Texture Pack by Joarius

@IFWARMOD @IFWARMOD by Gunter Severloh [recommended]


This Mission was created in collaboration with



Release Thread: Iron Front Fan Forum

Download: La Pointe Du Hoc [dropbox – .zip]

Museum Replicas

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