Losheim 1944 ~ Revisited

The original Losheim 1944 is a VandeVoorde.pa Mission
designed for use with ARMAII and @I44
Edited with full approval, this version differs from the original with the inclusion of parameter-controlled respawn and a success/failure objective. The Mission is based on the events of December 1944 in the Ardennes region of Belgium.
Player takes the role of defending US troops.

Island: ~ Merderet River – Winter


@I44 Invasion 1944 – D-Day [D-Day #5]
@CBA_CO Community Base Addons by the CBA Team
[Check your Requirements for @CBA]
@ASR_AI ASR AI Rearming by Robalo_AS [recommended]




Download: Losheim 1944 ~ Revisited [dropbox – .zip]

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