Szydlow Flak Tower

Special Operations Executive in London order a special operations mission. A combined Royal Marine Commando and Royal Parachute Regiment infiltration into Occupied Poland. The Royal Air Force have lost a valuable plane. Shot down while engaging a new enemy secret weapon it carries invaluable gun camera film for the boffins in London. Meet up with the Polish Armia Krajowa resistance and retrieve the film…


@CUP Terrains Core
@IFA3 Liberation
@Faces of War
@7Y Assets WW2
@Trixie’s Misc Rifles Pack v1.3.1
@akp spotlight
@Iron Front ARMAIII Faces of War Compatibility Patch
@IFA3 liberation compatibility 7Y WW2
@Sab Secret Weapons
@Iron Front – Sabre Planes Integration [IFA3]
@LEN – Weapons pack for IFA3 LITE
@Faces of War: German Voices Config


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