Wuste Kraftstoff II

The LRDG return to Shapur – following the first raid on Shapur, several loose ends need tying up.

Join the 8 man squad to return to Shapur or take the role of the defending Deutsches Afrika troops in a 6 ticket Team Death Match.

@CUP Terrains – Core
@CUP Terrains – CWA
@CUP Terrains – Maps
@Eastern Collaborationists
@Faces of War
@IFA3 liberation
@Iron Front Arma 3 : Faces of War Compatibility patch
@Sab Secret Weapons
@Forgotten Fronts – Weltkrieg Retexture Pack
@Faces of War – Sabre Planes Integration [IFA3]
@Messerschmitt Bf-109
@WW2 Extra Factions
@Trixies Misc Rifles Pack v1.3.1

Mission Parameters:
Morning, Day, Evening or Night and View Distance

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